Zaneil-Mug'thol - 906 - Holy Priest

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Zaneil-Mug'thol - 906 - Holy Priest

Postby zane » Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:02 am

Class: Priest

Server: Mug'thol

What is your normal raiding spec?: Holy

What raiding experience do you have? Give details!: Successful PROGRESSION kills for the following:
EN: 7/7N 7/7H (mythic prog was before my time. Full clear of M content on farm)
ToV: 3/3N 3/3H 2/3M
NH: 10/10N 10/10H 3/10M

What guilds were you previously in and why did you leave? Details are important: During WoD I was a raid lead for a casual guild. We had full heroic clear on current content and the desire for M content was not there. Pre legion i made the decision to leave the guild in order to satisfy my goals to be at the cutting edge. I shot high and successfully applied to the highest alliance guild on the server cluster; Hello Kitty Club.

I started on their B-team for normal and heroic content and took 90-98% parses with ease pulling 50%+ more hps than other healers. My raid lead experience kicked in and became popular with other members as I made important calls and provided structure which was seemingly lacking.

After a short amount of time I was scooped up by the A-team and was geared through EN M farm. It was at the launch of ToV where I began my first M progression and after experiencing it I would have it no other way than to experience the content at this level. As a team.

Why are you leaving your current guild?
The A-team is faction changing in order to have access to a larger pool of potential players to recruit from. After being with the guild for a year I'm going to use this as an opportunity to find a guild who are in need of a holy priest so I can progress mythic content on the highest competitive level.

What playtimes do you have? Draconic Savant raids starting at 7:00pm CST/Server (8:00pm EST) and ends by 10:00pm CST/Server (11:00pm EST) - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - rarely we do raid past that time. Being a raiding guild, we require people to typically make raids at least 80% of the time. Do these times work for you?: Yes, These are the hours I've raided with for over a year. Can provide attendance screenshots

What add-ons/programs do you use? DS requires the use of Discord for raiding as well as an applicable boss mod (DBM/BigWigs): Discord, Healbot, Decursive, TMW, Skada, ExoRT, DBM

Show us a screenshot of your UI, preferably in combat (if you're unsure where to upload, imgur is always a good choice): ... metric=hps

Show us a screenshot of your Artifact tree: It's 916. 17 points in BoL. Rank 5 Holy Guidance, Rank 4 Say your prayers

Give us a link to your armory, be sure to log off in the appropriate gear: ... eil/simple

Why do you wish to join DS?: I'm seeking a guild to continue mythic progression

Why do you believe you would be a good addition to DS? What sets you apart?: I am a dedicated mythic raider. I am looking for a new guild to progress mythic content with. I will do everything I can to better my own and others play. I solve issues instead of creating them. I will meet your expectations.

Previous MMORPG Experience?: Negative

Tell us about yourself! DS is a family and we want all new members to feel welcome and incorporated in this guild. Help us get to know you better!: I'm an EMT-B and interior firefighter. I work well with others and in structured environments. Other than video games I enjoy rock climbing and on the weekends I generally am out drinking and dancing. I'm a huge 80's new wave fan. I am very personable and get along with nearly everyone I meet and am very easy going. I solve problems instead of creating them.

Lastly, how did you hear about us? (Tankspot, Realm Forums, Recruitment General, Personal Reference, etc): WowProgress
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Re: Zaneil-Mug'thol - 906 - Holy Priest

Postby Intol » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:28 pm

Hey man!

Thanks for the application.

Just wanted to post and let you know this has definitely been seen.

It was PAX weekend, so a whole mess of people were there, but an Officer should be around to take a peek and give you some actual feedback soon.
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Re: Zaneil-Mug'thol - 906 - Holy Priest

Postby Duflax » Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:41 pm

Stat priority looks fine, as long as I don't have to go Disc I'm happy for the competition. Haste gem raises an eyebrow.
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Re: Zaneil-Mug'thol - 906 - Holy Priest

Postby Nahela » Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:00 am

I'll be honest and open to say that I'm raising an eyebrow at specifically answering two of the app questions wrong (and not providing followups), as this is sometimes indicative of raiders that won't follow raid instruction. Regardless, I think it's worth a shot to see if you mesh here.
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