902 Eq. Feral Druid

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902 Eq. Feral Druid

Postby Husky » Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:42 pm

Character's Name: Momimfamous

Class: Druid

Server: Korgath

What is your normal raiding spec?: Feral

What raiding experience do you have? Give details!: 7/7M 2/3M 2/10M, Raided Mythic in HFC and Heroic Cata

What guilds were you previously in and why did you leave? Details are important: Lost Chapters/Not Quite Right Guild dead, rip guild. (Lost core players, proper progression won't be happening any time soon)

What playtimes do you have? Draconic Savant raids starting at 7:00pm CST/Server (8:00pm EST) and ends by 10:00pm CST/Server (11:00pm EST) - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - rarely we do raid past that time. Being a raiding guild, we require people to typically make raids at least 80% of the time. Do these times work for you?: Every day from 5-6pm EST to 12-3am EST (I have no life)

What add-ons/programs do you use? DS requires the use of Discord for raiding as well as an applicable boss mod (DBM/BigWigs): Discord for voice, raid addons consist of WeakAuras for debuffs, BigWigs for timers and Exorsus Raid Tools for Raid Cooldowns & other

Show us a screenshot of your UI, preferably in combat (if you're unsure where to upload, imgur is always a good choice): http://imgur.com/a/L8kDG

Show us a screenshot of your Artifact tree: http://imgur.com/a/zo0aH

Give us a link to your armory, be sure to log off in the appropriate gear: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/k ... s/advanced

Why do you wish to join DS?: Evens. He's a pretty cool guy. Also to hopefully continue playing with a couple of members from Not Quite Right who also hope to join.

Why do you believe you would be a good addition to DS? What sets you apart?: Versatile player, strive to perform as good as my gear allows me to. I do the pew pew.

Previous MMORPG Experience?: Too many MMOs to name, did not do any hardcore content in any except for TERA and WoW

Tell us about yourself! DS is a family and we want all new members to feel welcome and incorporated in this guild. Help us get to know you better!: If I'm not playing WoW, I'm either at the gym or out playing sports with friends. I dedicate a lot of time to the things I'm passionate about.

Lastly, how did you hear about us? (Tankspot, Realm Forums, Recruitment General, Personal Reference, etc) Evens. I'm telling you hes a really cool guy.
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Re: 902 Eq. Feral Druid

Postby Odds » Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:02 pm

Even though his pally is Milkshakes nemesis even though milkshakes blows him out of the water, I would say his feral game play is excellent and worth giving a juicy trial. :!:
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Re: 902 Eq. Feral Druid

Postby Nahela » Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:41 pm

What happened with Lost Chapters? What about Olympus? Who did you raid with (/what class did you play) for Cataclysm? Why do we want you over Feral Druid XYZ?

I'm not getting a lot of info here outside of "I like Odds".
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Re: 902 Eq. Feral Druid

Postby Husky » Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:10 pm

Lost Chapters core raiders formed Not Quite Right after the Guild Leader and a few officers from LC went MIA. Olympus was the first guild that I was part of (Officer and founding member). It was a small guild which consisted mainly of a group of IRL friends. We did H EN and Nythendra on Mythic with them however the guild quickly collapsed as we couldn't get competent players to fill our roster after a very poor progression on Nyth.

Cata I was on Bleeding Hollow and raided with an old group of friends in our own guild, honestly can't remember the name. Mostly play Marks/Survival Hunter during Cata however for Dragon Soul i was the main tank as a Prot Warrior. In WoD I raided on Bleeding Hollow with my Druid as a core healer. However any mythic progression I had done in WoD was with pugs as my guild was not good enough to do Mythic.

I'm a very versatile player. I can play all roles and willing to learn any class as long as I enjoy playing it. I applied as Feral druid as it is currently my highest geared character by a large margin. I love playing my Holy paladin (879 Eq.) and also have a 880 mage (Although I really dislike mage in 7.1.5). I'd like to say that I hate under performing hope to achieve perfection with any class and I'd say I've definitely achieved that with my Feral druid as close as humanly possible. Consistently pull solid DPS (Matching or even passing my SimDPS on single target).
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