Turlandra - Shaman

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Turlandra - Shaman

Postby Turlandra » Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:40 pm

Character's Name: Turlandra

Class: Shaman

Server: Korgath

What is your normal raiding spec?: Elemental (proficient with enhancement/resto as well, but lacking gear sets)

What raiding experience do you have? Give details!: Raided MC/BWL in Vanilla, took a break for BC, Raided all of wrath-present.

What guilds were you previously in and why did you leave? Details are important: With this character Ironclad, Ganymede, Leap of Faith, Rage Pillage Murder (present). Left guilds due to lack of progression as well as guilds going inactive/losing players to attendance raid boss.

What playtimes do you have? Draconic Savant raids starting at 7:00pm CST/Server (8:00pm EST) and ends by 10:00pm CST/Server (11:00pm EST) - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - rarely we do raid past that time. Being a raiding guild, we require people to typically make raids at least 80% of the time. Do these times work for you?: Yes, I would be able to make all of these times.

What add-ons/programs do you use? DS requires the use of Discord for raiding as well as an applicable boss mod (DBM/BigWigs): DBM, Recount, and ERT, I have all voice clients.

Show us a screenshot of your UI, preferably in combat (if you're unsure where to upload, imgur is always a good choice): http://i.imgur.com/5yVYOwF.jpg UI is the same for my dk and shaman, also new pc, so old framerate is not relevant, current is 60 fps on high load.

Give us a link to your armory, be sure to log off in the appropriate gear: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/k ... dra/simple

Why do you wish to join DS?: Looking for a guild to finish 13/13M for this xpac before progressing in Legion.

Why do you believe you would be a good addition to DS? What sets you apart?: I don't miss raids and I am very good at progressing in my class as well as not messing up mechanics.

Previous MMORPG Experience?: Everquest, Rift, and DAoC.

Tell us about yourself! DS is a family and we want all new members to feel welcome and incorporated in this guild. Help us get to know you better!: 26 year old college student with a lot of free time to put towards raids/farming. Also, currently pushing Master->Grandmaster in Heroes of the Storm in my non-WoW time.

Lastly, how did you hear about us? (Tankspot, Realm Forums, Recruitment General, Personal Reference, etc) WoWProgress has you rated as #4 on the server.
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Re: Turlandra - Shaman

Postby Nahela » Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:55 am

You list wanting to finish 13/13M as your reason for joining, but you've only got progression up through Kilrogg and we don't run anything aside from Mannoroth/Archimonde each week for mounts.

Beyond that, gear discrepancy aside, almost none of your gear is upgraded along with your ring being quite far behind. Even if we were somehow able to take you with that level of gear, you've got literally weeks of catch-up to do before you would be raid-viable. I don't foresee any way that works out.

If you want to discuss the possibility of being a Legion trial, that's something we can address
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