Jason - Warr/Resto Druid

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Jason - Warr/Resto Druid

Postby Jayboi » Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:18 pm

Character's Name: Jayboi/Jaybroni

Class: Warrior/Druid

Server: Korgath

What is your normal raiding spec?: Fury/Resto

What raiding experience do you have? Give details!: Have lots! I'm recently new to the Alliance side. I've raided since ICC, before that I strictly pvp'd and that's really all I did. As far as this expan goes, I'm 7/7M Highmaul, 7/10M BrF before taking a break in April 2015. I came back in late February and now I'm currently 7/13M HCC. In MoP, I was 5/7H MSV, 6/7H HoF, 4/4 ToeS, 13/13H ToT and 14/14H SOO.

What guilds were you previously in and why did you leave? Details are important: I've been in Conviction -Korgath (Horde side) for the past 3 1/2 years. I was one of the main officers in the guild and I also did all the recruiting for the guild. When I first started with them, We were a 10m guild and strictly 10m. I mained a blood dk and switched to ele sham when needed for 1 tank fights. (Garrosh, Thok, Tortos) etc. I didn't leave the guild, It just took a turn. We had a mix of bad trials/ attendance not being 100%/ as well as others making personal decisions to just fully quit the game (school, work, family) etc. We were in a huge hole and we had choices to make. If it wasn't for the 20M mythic change, we would of been fine as a 10m group like were were. Just had a lot of recruiting to do and we couldn't find the right players with the right skill level to make it work with our team. Only good news out of it is I'm still in very close contact with all 10 original players.

What playtimes do you have? Draconic Savant raids starting at 7:00pm CST/Server (8:00pm EST) and ends by 10:00pm CST/Server (11:00pm EST) - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - rarely we do raid past that time. Being a raiding guild, we require people to typically make raids at least 80% of the time. Do these times work for you?: Yes, these times are perfect. I'm a 100% attendance kind of guy. I wouldn't apply if I couldn't make the times, it wouldn't be fair to me nor the guild. I can stay later if needed for progression. I also enjoy alt raid if you have them since I play a variety of classes. If I can't make a day, you'll know months in advance.

What add-ons/programs do you use? DS requires the use of Discord for raiding as well as an applicable boss mod (DBM/BigWigs): Big Wigs/ Bartender/ Weak Auras/ Grid/ Recount/ Tidy Plates. My main one's. Have others but useless to raiding.

Show us a screenshot of your UI, preferably in combat (if you're unsure where to upload, imgur is always a good choice):
http://imgur.com/UNbruT8 (Resto Druid)

Give us a link to your armory, be sure to log off in the appropriate gear:
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/k ... boi/simple ( Warrior)
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/k ... oni/simple (Druid)

Why do you wish to join DS?: The guild I'm currently in is too slow of a pace for me. I'm used to starting 10-15m before raid with everyone being prepared and ready to go. Currently, people are always late/missing, not prepared for raid. The mindset and attitude isn't very positive/confident here. I was able to join them since I took a break for 8 months after killing Operator Thogar (Mythic) last April. I had no recent experience, so it was hard to find a great guild that was progressed like DS. I remember DS since I was in Conviction. It was always a very competitive guild on the server and that's what I enjoy most about this game. Just looking to get back in to a more hardcore style raiding and have fun with people that want to share the same things as me.

Why do you believe you would be a good addition to DS? What sets you apart?: My experience and leadership is my edge over people. I been playing this game for a very long time/ as well as over a variety of classes. I'm a 100% attendance every raid night. I'm on usually every day as well. I bring a positive mentality as well as full effort. I'm always here to help when needed. I perform at the elite level, with minimal mistakes. If mistakes are made, they're corrected. I come prepared, on time, and ready to go.

Previous MMORPG Experience?: WoW only. Some Diablo, but only casual.

Tell us about yourself! DS is a family and we want all new members to feel welcome and incorporated in this guild. Help us get to know you better!: Hi, So my name is Jason. I was born and raised in Portugal, I came to the U.S when I was 9 yrs old. I live in Massachusetts atm and work full-time for Mass Mutual. I been playing wow for 8+ years, as warrior/dk/ele sham/ resto druid. (Mostly). I'm a serious guy in the gym world. I work out/diet/ train like crazy. I think that's why I take wow so serious, I just don't enjoy playing or doing something, unless i'm doing it at the highest level. I'd be down to chat more if a interview is offered.

Lastly, how did you hear about us? (Tankspot, Realm Forums, Recruitment General, Personal Reference, etc)
Just been checking WoW Progress. Most guilds aren't recruiting, Just looking to get an opportunity with a good guild.


Thank you for applying, and we look forward to speaking with you soon! Thanks, I appreciate the time of you guys reading this. Cheers!
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